I know you’ve seen several blog posts about Bronte already, and that’s because I have more fun taking pictures with her than almost everyone else. She’s adventurous and optimistic, and I love that about her.

During this particular shoot, we were at our cottage in Canada. I found a few really cool spots to take pictures of her (and she took pictures of me, too). One spot in particular is a place we like to call Blueberry Hill. The reason it’s called that is because when we were younger – and I was still living in Canada – we’d drive the 2 short hours to our cottage several times each summer. And while we were there, we’d all go up to Blueberry Hill and pick as many blueberries as we could – which always turned out to be a lot – and we’d make homemade blueberry pie. It tasted amazing; the best pie I’d ever had.

I miss those times; life was super easy. No commitments, no responsibilities, no worries. Then I grew up… Haha. (I do love my life, though. In fact, I’ve loved pretty much every stage).


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