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When I see something in my mind’s eye, I feel a need to capture it and watch my creativity unfold. Photography is an art, but more than that, it’s a gift. I feel very strongly that I was blessed with an eye for the uncommon and beautiful. Over the years, I’ve been honing that gift and molding it into the type of work that reflects my personality.

I am an artist based in Colorado Springs. I like to think that the work I do is unlike any other photographer’s craft. It is my own vision; it is me.


I’ve been photographing people since 2009. I started out with a knack for creativity, and quickly learned that I would need more than that. I’ve developed a knowledge of how my camera works, so that I have complete control. (No, I’m not a control-freak, I just like to be really good at whatever I do.) I’m completely self-taught, and in 2010 I started mentoring local amateur photographers. I love to share my knowledge so that others can express themselves while portraying their vision in the most optimal way. (Contact me if you’re interested in a mentor session!)


I’m an old wife to a Godly man named [Shawn], and a new mom to a beautiful girl named [Marlowe]. Shawn and I love to parade her around in her adorable little outfits! We pride ourselves on continuing with our social lives; Marlowe comes along and usually doesn’t make a peep! (She’s a fabulous sleeper, thank God!) We also enjoy family evenings in which the 3 of us just hang out. (If you haven’t heard the story of our journey to try and conceive, click [here]… It makes me cry every time I watch the video!)


Now that our precious miracle is here, in our arms, we couldn’t ask for more. We are blessed beyond reason, and we can’t believe how amazing God’s timing is.


Now that you’ve learned a little about me, feel free to look around. There are tons of different things to look at, including fashion posts, tips for photographers and DIY entries. Click “categories” on the menu for a good time!;)

Enjoy, and have a fabulous day!




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