Lemonade + Lenses

Having mini-collections as a part of our home decor is very important to me. So far, I’ve collected clocks, old cameras, various picture frames that I painted white, mason jars, and now Lemonade & Lenses magazines! (Among other things.) I’ve been meaning to purchase these awesome magazines ever since they started being published and I finally had the chance to get my two favorite copies last week! (I’d like to own every L&L magazine, so each month I’ll be sure to purchase the next copy!)

Once our house is finished being renovated – more importantly, once the stupid dust settles – I will place those babies right in the center of our coffee table where everyone can see them! (I’m hoping they’ll use some of my work in their magazines as well – I just have to find the time to submit my work!) Perhaps I’ll place a faux branch of white corral on top of them, to top it all off!

Click [here] to visit Lemonade & Lenses’ blog where you can purchase your very own magazines! They’re fabulous!!!





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