Barrett + Mommy: Part 3

*Please note: This post was published before Esprit Photography became known as April Marie Photography. Sorry for the old watermarks, it would take too long to re-edit all the images with the new watermark, so do your best to just ignore them! Thanks for your continued support!!*

At the beginning of the year, Kristin and I collaborated together and decided to break their sessions down into three parts:
Part 1: [Kristin], Maternity
Part 2: [Matt + Kristin], Maternity
Part 3: Barrett + Kristin, Baby and Mommy
Since Matt deployed about a month ago, and my hubby and I moved out of the area on Thursday, we had no choice but to take pictures of Barrett and Kristin without Matt. Fortunately, Matt will be back in October, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the only milestone in Barrett’s growing up will be him learning how to sit up by himself, so Matt won’t be missing his first words or his first steps.

This one (below) is my absolute favorite! Look at Barrett’s facial expression!!

Barrett, discovering his hands (below):


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