Chanelle + Taylor

*Please note: This post was published before Esprit Photography became known as April Marie Photography. Sorry for the old watermarks, it would take too long to re-edit all the images with the new watermark, so do your best to just ignore them! Thanks for your continued support!!*

Our tradition:
Every year, I like to do a photo shoot with my younger sister, Chanelle, and my sister from another mister, Taylor. Chanelle and Tay have been besties for going on twelve years. You can read more about these two [here] and [here]. (The first link was our very first photo shoot, and the second link was our second. This post marks our third year!!)

I look forward to our annual photo shoot all year for a number of reasons. The dominant reason will make itself known as you scroll down and go through their pictures… I mean, who doesn’t love taking pictures of two beautiful girls? (Seriously, they could be supermodels.)

I had fun with you guys, can’t wait for next year!!

***Photographers: with the exception of two or three pictures, I used my [45mm TS-E] lens.***


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