LJ + Brittany

*Please note: This post was published before Esprit Photography became known as April Marie Photography. Sorry for the old watermarks, it would take too long to re-edit all the images with the new watermark, so do your best to just ignore them! Thanks for your continued support!!*

The day of LJ and Brittany’s wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful. The sun was shining through the dispersed clouds, the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees, and everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming. The ceremony was beautiful, with a bright red barn in the background! And the reception was gorgeous, with lots of vintage style and personality! (I love love LOVE vintage, so you can only guess how much I was “freaking out”, taking pictures left and right!) I loved that LJ and Brittany’s style really showed throughout the entire day! (Right down to the feathers in the bouquet that Brittany was holding.)

Congratulations again, guys! You made a perfect Bride and Groom!!

I love it! He fell asleep, and stayed like this for almost an hour!




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